June 26, 2015

W.P. Sandin rings in summer vacation with fun

W.P. Sandin rings in summer vacation with fun

Celebrating Canada Day

As Canadians, we have a lot to celebrate.  Read more on page 3

Sask. population continues to grow

Saskatchewan continues to be one of the fastest growing provinces in Canada. Read more on page 3

Returning to journalism’s roots

If one thing in life has a tendency to stay the same, it’s the fact that everything changes. Read more on page 4

Residential property investment

The amount of money flowing into construction of new houses in this province might be declining… Read more on page 4

Senate must go

Regardless of your political persuasion, by now you have to agree… Read more on page 5

Things of my grandfather’s era, are fading away

For some undefined reason of late I have been thinking about my grandfather… Read more on page 7

RCMP find body of missing Danielle Nyland near Shellbrook

It’s the conclusion that no family wants to hear. Read more on page 10

Home run barrage back in baseball

Something is happening in Major League Baseball that hasn’t been seen since… Read more on page 13