August 18, 2017

Crews working to have Main Street open for Street Fair

An end to the sewer line repair work that has shut down Shellbrook’s Main Street between 2nd Avenue and… Read more on page 1

Premier Wall announces retirement

After serving as Premier of Saskatchewan for nearly 10 years, Premier Brad Wall announced… Read more on page 3

“Cooler heads needed”

Many years ago, too many to count but I think at the time I was living in residence at… Read more on page 4

Premier Wall’s legacy offers mixed bag

As far as catchphrases go, the bumper sticker-worthy saying that we should… Read more on page 4

Farmers need more help dealing with stress

Those of us in the cities who strive for better conditions in our own working world need to be… Read more on page 5

My parents’ wedding

The following is an except from Mary-Ann Kirkby’s best-selling memoir, I Am Hutterite. Read more on page 6

New Canadian tech helping preserve livestock genetic diversity

So last week I wrote about why preserving rare breeds is important. Read more on page 7

500th column: Bushy beards and fishy stats

Nine is a great number in sports, especially in hockey. Read more on page 11

Helene Banks

BANKS – Helene was born December 1, 1939,… Read more on page 12