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“Air Canada modernizing”

Well, it had to happen. Read more on page 4

More must be done to help kids join the team

When I was a kid, I had the good fortune to have parents who enrolled me in a number of extracurricular activities. Read more on page 4

Better job focus should be a priority

It’s not exactly fair to say politicians have the wrong priorities. Read more on page 5

World Rivers Day reminds us to be responsible

Farmers have generally tended to be responsible in terms of caring for the land they farm. Read more on page 7

QB shuffle dominates NFL off-season

It might take a casual fan of the National Football League until U.S. Thanksgiving to get… Read more on page 11

Sask. economy back on track in first quarter

Three months into the fiscal year and Saskatchewan’s economy is showing signs of… Read more on page 3

“New loose cannon”

As if the world hasn’t gone crazy with guys like Trump, Trudeau, Putin, Dutarte, Assad and others,… Read more on page 4

Trans Mountain gamble looking worse over time

“No risk, no reward” the old saying goes. Read more on page 4

Politicians wrong to pick Trump over Trudeau on trade

There’s very little we can do about the trade problems at the international level that are so critical to us. Read more on page 5

Chemical use a question of cost versus benefit

When the Pest Management Regulatory Agency (PMRA) released its proposed decision to… Read more on page 7