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Sask. government invests in infrastructure

The Government of Saskatchewan is investing $14 million to improve rural roads, bridges and culverts throughout the province. Read more on page 3

“We’re on the right side”

I have believed for a long time that we live on the right side of the world,… Read more on page 4

Our newspapers require community input

It was strange that last week’s question period in Ottawa saw Prime Minister Trudeau… Read more on page 4

Meili appears to have tougher task

It would seem counter-intuitive, but the job of Opposition leader in Saskatchewan may now be a lot harder than the job of Premier. Read more on page 5

Investment in plant breeding must continue

When it comes to plant breeding having public investment has always been something this writer has felt is important. Read more on page 9

Calgary pitcher sparks ‘baby braves’

The latest Canadian to make a big splash in Major League Baseball is part of one of the best early stories of 2018 — the Baby Braves. Read more on page 15

Sask. government’s doctor recruitment efforts paying dividends

The ability to see a doctor, whether they are a specialist or a general practitioner, is one of the most important aspects of our health care system. Read more on page 3


I was silently feeling quite self-satisfied at discovering that the larger sized Corn Flakes box… Read more on page 4

Better leadership needed from SHA

Though opinions on what qualifies as good leadership differ vastly from person to person,… Read more on page 4

Politics shouldn’t detract from carbon tax court case

Even those of us who despise the notion of seeing politics played out in the courts see the… Read more on page 5