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Sask NDP faces tough election battle

In about a month’s time, Saskatchewan voters will be heading to the polls… Read more on page 4

Research yields breakthrough in livestock genes

It is sometimes strange how one thing leads to another when you write… Read more on page 7

Sports giving a boost to Canadians’ spirits

Despite the 26th consecutive year without a Canadian franchise winning the Stanley Cup,… Read more on page 11

In a difficult year, we should all say thanks to our farmers

When you settle on a career in agriculture, whether it be working on… Read more on page 4

Gene science is the key to ag’s future

The farm sector should be smiling over the prospect of… Read more on page 7

Brady, Bucs in NFL’s spotlight

All eyes following the National Football League in 2020 will be focused on… Read more on page 15

No ‘Sunny Ways’ In Trudeau-land

When it comes to politicians, it’s always wisest to maintain a degree of scepticism. Read more on page 4

Infrastructure investment key to Sask’s COVID recovery

Just recently, we celebrated 115 years since Saskatchewan officially became a province. Read more on page 5

Will COVID’s changes last? Not likely

There is some who think the reality of the COVID-19 pandemic… Read more on page 7

Too many ‘unwritten’ rules in baseball

Baseball’s official rule book is 173 pages thick. Read more on page 11