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“It’s not us”

By the time this issue hits the streets, the midterm elections in the Excited States will be over,… Read more on page 4

Canada’s vets still waiting 100 years later

When Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s Liberal government took office three years ago,… Read more on page 4

Ford may not be a great Moe ally

When you think about it, the Saskatchewan Party should be “Standing up for Saskatchewan”. Read more on page 5

Carbon tax fear strong in ag sector

Few things are more concerning in business than the possible impact of something new and unknown. Read more on page 7

Size matters? Thankfully, it doesn’t in today’s NHL

This will be a short story. Read more on page 11

Report from the Legislature

The new session of the legislature opened this week with a Throne Speech focused on our… Read more on page 3

“The Adventure Concludes”

When we began this adventure, the first image we gave you was of our daughter, Crash,… Read more on page 4

In chilling climate, accountability goes both ways

Regardless of the challenges that the generations preceding us had to face,… Read more on page 4

Carbon tax still doesn’t change things

Even when it comes to issues as complex as climate change and the carbon tax, there usually is a bottom line. Read more on page 5

Legalization could pave way for hemp research

So the Cannabis Act came into force Oct. 18. Read more on page 7