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Trudeau offers masterclass in strategic blundering

History is rife with examples of strategic blunders. Read more on page 4

Will Trudeau’s plastic ban pass the good policy test?

When it comes to government, particularly the current federal government of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau,… Read more on page 4

Oil a tough sell in age of truth and reconciliation

For the proposed Trans Mountain pipeline expansion,… Read more on page 4

Sask. Party must answer for travel expenses

For the 10 Saskatchewan NDP MLAs currently sitting in the legislature down in Regina,… Read more on page 4

Doughnut controversy misses the point

When we mere mortals indulge in a doughnut, the only thing we have to worry about… Read more on page 4

Hockey Day highlights strength of community

Ours is truly a fascinating age. Read more on page 4

Sex offender’s name change raises many questions

Can people ever really change? Read more on page 4

New decade demands new suicide prevention strategy

We’re a little over a week into a new year and decade, and so far — knock on wood —… Read more on page 4

To a tough 2019, we say good riddance

As this, the final newspaper of 2019, hits newsstands we are just five days removed from… Read more on page 4

When transporting oil, safety must come first

Is there anything more satisfying than a good “I told you so” moment? Read more on page 4