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Election highlights importance of newspapers

We’re just 11 days out from the 2019 federal election, and the end of a bitter campaign… Read more on page 4

Renewables investment a question of values

While federal and provincial governments concoct many reasons to justify their… Read more on page 4

All parties should cost their platforms

Though its difficult, at times, to muster any genuine enthusiasm for the… Read more on page 4

In search of reason in the healthcare debate

Having no children of my own, I can’t speak from personal experience on this particular matter. Read more on page 4

Bernier reveals his ugly true nature

Over the years, I’ve made use of this space to reflect upon the qualities which make one… Read more on page 4

Why are canola producers still waiting for action?

Just over four months ago, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau boldly declared that… Read more on page 4

Amazon fire response reveals our hypocrisy

If your house was on fire, you would – barring some panic-induced fit of irrationality –… Read more on page 4

Federal election remains a question of lesser evils

As this week’s papers hit the newsstands, we find ourselves just under two months away from… Read more on page 4

Everyone deserves a place to call home

As you read this week’s edition of the Chronicle, Meghan and I are… Read more on page 4

Morgan’s carbon tax challenge claim is dubious

Of all the myths that float around in the political ether, perhaps the most common is… Read more on page 4