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Everyone deserves a place to call home

As you read this week’s edition of the Chronicle, Meghan and I are… Read more on page 4

Morgan’s carbon tax challenge claim is dubious

Of all the myths that float around in the political ether, perhaps the most common is… Read more on page 4

Charity Car controversy vastly overblown

Living in a small town, one never expects to make the news, unless, of course,… Read more on page 4

Where’s the accountability in Canadian politics?

“When we make a mistake… we’re going to admit it.” Read more on page 4

Historic moment is just the beginning

A historic moment. Read more on page 4

Small-town Sask. is alive and well

Nobody chooses to live in a small town because they expect it to be easy. Read more on page 4

Few words are harder than farewell

It’s exceedingly rare that one finds oneself in a room where the emotion is palpable. Read more on page 4

Trudeau gov’t not interested in heavy lifting

One of the foundational legal principles of Canada’s legal system is the notion that… Read more on page 4

Trudeau’s proposed plastic ban comes too late

One thousand years. Read more on page 4

Today’s grads have it tougher than we know

As hard as it is to believe, another graduation season is upon us. Read more on page 4