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Sask NDP faces tough election battle

In about a month’s time, Saskatchewan voters will be heading to the polls… Read more on page 4

In a difficult year, we should all say thanks to our farmers

When you settle on a career in agriculture, whether it be working on… Read more on page 4

No ‘Sunny Ways’ In Trudeau-land

When it comes to politicians, it’s always wisest to maintain a degree of scepticism. Read more on page 4

Challenges remain under O’Toole

When semi-retired Conservative MP Peter MacKay threw his hat in the ring for… Read more on page 4

Trudeau’s shutdown is inexcusable

When former Prime Minister Stephen Harper prorogued Parliament four times throughout… Read more on page 4

More RCMP communication needed on rural crime

A local resident says she’ll no longer be visiting the farm that has been… Read more on page 4

Sask.’s initial ‘Safe Schools Plan’ gets passing grade — but just barely

To some, the true measure of our leaders is in their ability to admit when… Read more on page 4

Irresponsible drivers must be stopped

When we made the difficult decision to abandon the acreage property we’d been renting… Read more on page 4

Team Trudeau keeps cracking at the seams

When Justin Trudeau was anointed as leader of the Liberal Party in 2013,… Read more on page 4

Trudeau apologies sound like broken record

A few years back, when there were kerfuffles around some local council tables… Read more on page 4